Outstanding Partnership for Benyon

13th August 2013

Outstanding educational opportunities are now being developed at Benyon Primary School, due to a groundbreaking partnership forged with nearby Dilkes Academy. Dilkes Academy, currently the only outstanding primary in Thurrock, has teamed up with Benyon to accelerate the rapid improvements to provision already made by the current leadership even further.

The partnership, formed under the Government’s academies programme, will put high quality teaching and pupil achievement at the heart of its work.

Maureen Wright, Headteacher at Dilkes and recently appointed National Leader of Education said, “These are exciting times at Benyon – the current leadership have impressed Ofsted with the improvements made over the past year. With this new partnership, staff at both schools will work closely to develop outstanding educational provision for their pupils.”

Natalie Sansom, Headteacher at Benyon Primary School commented:

“This partnership with Dilkes will ensure that provision at Benyon will continue to improve rapidly and that our pupils will benefit from the new opportunities we can offer”