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Trust Leaders of Education

Leaders in Education

The Trust have a team of Local and Specialist Leaders of Education (LLEs/SLEs) from our Teaching School Alliance who are deployed across our academies sharing their expertise to promote and support school improvement. These are outstanding Middle and Senior leaders who have the skills to develop the leadership capacity of individuals and teams in schools, using coaching or facilitating that draws their knowledge and expertise in their specialist area.


Samantha Wakeling, Local Leader of Education

Whilst working in education, Samantha has worked with a wealth of colleagues and coached and supported them in developing an aspirational approach to teaching and learning, ensuring that every child is offered the very best education, encouraging them to reach their full potential, regardless of background or starting point.


She is incredibly passionate about ensuring that this ethos is inherent in any school in which she is deployed and believes that no leader should accept underperformance and actively endeavours to ensure that all staff adopt the key principles that every child can make outstanding progress if nurtured and taught by outstanding practitioners.


Samantha has worked in a number of different schools in a coaching role and is confident in her ability to bring about improvement in colleagues’ capacity to lead successfully or develop and plan new initiatives which will impact positively on the whole school. Her own drive to ensure the very best for all pupils in our care is clearly communicated to all staff, and she always leads by example. Samantha is dedicated in her role as Headteacher at Quarry Hill Academy and believes that as a senior leader, we need to ensure that the training of all of our staff provides the opportunity for developing the future system leaders.

For the past 4 years, Samantha has been a senior leader at Quarry Hill Academy, where consistent high levels of pupil performance evidence a clear upward trajectory, with the latest performance data clearly demonstrating that the school is significantly above the current floor standard. Nationally, compared to other similar schools, Quarry Hill is also ranked as number one in the country. All staff and pupils have embraced the mantra that they can be the best, and with such self-belief and a limitless growth mind-set, success will inevitably ensue.


Introductions from our Specialist Leaders of Education

Lucie Childs – Geography & Foundation Curriculum

Lucie is currently an Achievement Leader in her home school where she able to support other schools in our local area, allowing her to share expertise of good practice through coaching, modelling and mentoring of colleges. Lucie has worked in schools for over 13 years and has a wealth of experience in education. Lucie has also had the opportunity to mentor and coach NQTs and student teachers and support them with their development in education. It is important to Lucie that education is inclusive and that children are at the heart of everything that we aim to achieve.


Helen Rice – SEN

Since starting at Quarry Hill Academy in January 2013 in her role as Assistant Headteacher, SENCO and Inclusion Manager, Helen has continuously worked at putting clear systems in place, and refining them on an ongoing basis to support a whole school, outcomes based, graduated approach to special educational needs. The OFSTED report for Quarry Hill Academy from June 2016 states that “The special educational needs coordinator rigorously tracks the progress of pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. Teaching assistants are highly trained and effective in supporting pupils’ learning. Consequently, pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities make good progress.” Helen has detailed knowledge around many aspects of special educational need, gained largely through prior experience over a number of years working as an Area SENCO for Thurrock Local Authority, alongside her current role. Helen also has experience in and can offer training around various aspects of special educational need, offering advice on practice and provision in these areas. In her current role, the robust SEN systems and processes in place are now embedded and she is motivated to lead in the development of systems and processes within other schools, and to see the impact of them in improving outcomes for children.


Sam Oxley - EYFS

Sam is a motivated and confident practitioner with over 20 years’ experience teaching and leading across EYFS and KS1. Sam would like to share her passion for quality first teaching through coaching, modelling and mentoring others. In her current role as Head of School she mentors, coaches, supports and performance manages NQTs, students, teachers and LSAs. Through this mentoring, Sam has supported teachers in their own career development so they can grow as middle leaders. Sam is responsible for monitoring and developing good practice in EYFS and Phonics; always striving for excellence and keeping abreast of developments and new practice. Sam also has experience of supporting with whole school audits and OFSTED meetings as EYFS Lead. Sam has a BEd (Hons) in Education and has recently completed her NPQSL qualification. Sam is excited about undertaking the role of SLE and fully believes in the role of system leadership to support schools in delivering outstanding education where all children can achieve.


Hayley Nye – Science and Teaching & Learning

Hayley is currently a KS1 Assistant Headteacher at Dilkes Academy and over the past three years has worked with many colleagues in her own school to share expertise about teaching and learning. Hayley has also worked with many schools in our local area to develop and support teaching and learning and science. Hayley has experience of coaching, modelling and mentoring others. Hayley is currently the Science lead in her school and has recently become a STEM facilitator. She is very enthusiastic about her own and other professional development. Hayley has carried out many action based research projects over the years which has enabled her to further share her expertise during outreach work. Hayley is the Lead Facilitator for the High Impact Teaching Course run by TPTSA and is passionate about improving teaching strategies and methods to promote high levels of progress and engagement.


Georgia Knight – KS1 General

Georgia is an experienced KS1 teacher and currently an Achievement Leader within the Catalyst Academies Trust. Georgia has worked with many colleagues within her own school, as well as schools in the local area, where she has shared good practice of the KS1 curriculum through coaching and modelling. Georgia is the Lead Teacher for Year 1 and through this she has also had the opportunity to mentor, coach and support students and NQTs with their own professional development. Georgia believes that every child has the right to receive an outstanding education, where they are encouraged to reach their full potential, and she is looking forward to sharing her passion in her role as an SLE.


Gemma Bosworth – Maths

Gemma is currently the Assistant Headteacher for Upper Key Stage 2 at Quarry Hill Academy where she has supported colleagues across different year groups both locally and her own setting. Over the years, she has worked with teachers at different points in their careers (including students and NQTs) to promote excellent practice and high levels of progress and engagement. Gemma thoroughly enjoys mentoring others in order to draw the best out of children and have done so as part of her role as Maths Subject Lead and SLT. She is extremely passionate about equal opportunities for children and strongly believes that this can be achieved through improved teaching strategies and methods.